Thanks for taking the time to browse my design portfolio. Below I have selected a few projects that are a good representation of my design career. Thank you for your time, and I welcome your feedback.

with respect,
Adrian Hanft, III

TrainingPeaks (2014-2016)

As a part of the website team at TrainingPeaks I work to craft a site that is clear, compelling, and driven by ideas that connect with our audience of endurance athletes. I worked across teams, regularly providing design assistance to our iOS and Android team. I served as team lead (product owner) on a major web initiative to create a coach directory. I designed and coded a version of our website that was responsive across all devices and browsers. My team helped overhaul a training plan platform which contained thousands of plans. I built websites for the annual Endurance Coaching Summit and a #ThanksCoach social campaign.

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Zila (2012-2014)

I joined the Zila team in 2012 as creative technologist. The task was to transform the company from a stodgy dental product manufacturer to a modern dental technology leader. From defining the brand standards, to leading the website overhaul, to product positioning, to establishing consistency throughout the organization, this is one of the deepest projects I have ever completed.

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"I believe that it's safe to say that Adrian had more of an impact on the marketing team in just 6-months than any one person has had in the last few years."
Jack Swift Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Zila

Burns Marketing (2011-2012)

From 2011-2012 I worked for Burns Marketing where I influenced a wide range of projects. Clients included HP, PGA Tour Club, Plugless Power, PCS Wireless, and Baxa. My contributions included app strategy, mobile design and development, Wordpress customizations, and UI/UX design.

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"Adrian is a fantastic designer and developer. He isn't afraid to break new ground and place bets by leveraging the latest and greatest frameworks and techniques."
Michael Wailes Web Developer, Burns Marketing

Red Rocket (2009-2011)

As creative director for Red Rockt Web Specialists I defined the creative direction for our clients which included Group Publishing, Flood & Peterson Insurance, Keeton Aquatics, Outback Outdoors, and Encore Sound. I also led Red Rocket's rebrand, changing our image to focus on our web specialties of design, development, SEO, and strategy.

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"Adrian's design skills are the best I've seen in the 11 years I've been a marketing professional. He is always up for a challenge and continually pushes himself to become more proficient."
Jennifer Bryant Chief Brand Strategist, Red Rocket


This gallery shows an assortment of apps that I have worked on, several of which are available in Apple's app store. For personal projects I develop using Phonegap (Cordova) which allows me to use my HTML/CSS/Javascript skills.

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Thanks again for taking the time to look at my work. Here are a few additional links if you would like even more information about me.